Ekrit Academy

Ekrit Academy

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EKRIT Academy is a school from AITE. It has classes from pre-primary to class XII under Central Board of Secondary Education.  Established in 2010. It is seen that in our locality and in our town we have only a few English medium schools which can’t fill up true needs of English language. So the EKRIT Academy has also been set up to avail the same needs. The school is located in the central part of Narayanpur town. It has a strong managing body to give proper guidance from time. Rousseau says, “Plants are developed by cultivation, man developed by education. “As we know that the education is the prime motor force, education gives every concept in a human mind to perform a work in a systematic way. With the lapse of time the demand of education is growing and with the growing demand of education the demand of English language is also seen. The Salient Features of the School are,

1. Modern Techniques Based on Western Education.

2. Art, Music and Dance Classes.

3. Computer Education.

4. Science club / Educational Lab.

5. Experienced / Qualified and Montessori Trained Teacher.

6. Yoga & Physical Exercise by the Gymnasts.

7. Playing Aids.

8. Educational Trip / Excursion etc.

9. Personality Development through counseling etc.

10. School bus if required.

11. We have prospect of semi- Children Park.

12. Free Medical checkup from Time to Time.